Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Populating Asia

Populating Asia. A large-scale study of genetic variation among almost 2,000 individual people across Asia suggests that the continent was populated primarily through a single migration event. Pictured are putative prehistorical migration routes of Asian populations based on recent studies: The most recent common ancestors arriving first in India (olive green); later, some migrating to Thailand and south, including the Malay Negritos (brown), Philippine Negritos (purple), the East Indonesians and early Pacific Islanders (dark green); after that, one or more groups migrating north, mixed with previous settlers and formed populations Austronesian (light green), Austro-Asiatic (red), Tai-Kadai (dark blue), Hmong-Mien (light blue) and Altaic (orange).

Above: Thai Dam, or Black Thai.

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